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The utility can automatically find BIOS updates on its own. Either way, if you really want to update the BIOS, do it before the installation of the OS by downloading the BIOS file to an USB drive. Then plug this drive in the PC, boot, head into the BIOS and run the "instant flash" utility .

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Since you are flashing your BIOS rather than updating it, an unexpected shutdown can lead to serious consequences and may render your PC unusable. Ensure that your USB and power supply are safe before proceeding. If the process is disturbed, the BIOS cannot revert back to a previous version by the nature of its process. That’s why many users are intimidated by BIOS updates, even though its a simple process. Next, press Enter and watch how the latest BIOS version is being flashed.

We need to rename the BIOS file so that Q-Flash Plus can find it. At last, you can launch the BIOS/UEFI firmware update or flashing tool, and select the new BIOS update file you copied to the USB flash drive to start the BIOS update process. In the case of a diskette, disc, or bootable USB flash drive, the file you download steps you through creating a diskette, disc, or using a USB flash drive. Once created, restarting the computer with the disk, disc, or USB inserted in the computer starts the BIOS update automatically.

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If the computer does not boot from the bootable media, you may need to adjust your boot settings. This will be easy to miss, but the keys are usually F1, F2, F11, Esc, or Delete. It might take a few tries to get the keys and the timing just right.

Download the latest BIOS version for your motherboard from the motherboard product page. Extract the downloaded BIOS file to the root of your flash drive.

  • A BIOS utility that allows you to flash the BIOS of a motherboardThese types of utilities usually request that you save the new BIOS file on an external drive or USB memory stick.
  • These utilities automatically detect the presence of the new BIOS file on the drive you selected and start updating the BIOS.
  • In a previous life, I installed the SoftPaq Manager directly on the PDQ server to easily create grand-theft-auto-vice-city.down4you.software PDQ Deploy packages for drivers and bios updates.
  • Even if your bios it outdated by using a pen drive, you can safely flash it.
  • When the update is finished, reboot your computer, and you’re done.

If everything completed well, then the computer will write about it and reboot. Sometimes the manufacturer of your motherboard model has a utility for checking the latest drivers and BIOS.